Waistbeads FAQ's

Are the waistbeads one size fits all?

No. Every strand is designed & made specifically to fit each client; which is why you have the option of ordering your by your waist size in inches. in inches. Standard sizing goes up to 45". We can customize waistbeads for you more than 45”. This is when your order becomes a customized set of waistbeads.

Should I order waist beads even though I'm losing weight?

Absolutely! Many women attend our workshop and purchase them for that very reason. There is nothing like watching and managing the progress of your weight loss journey. When you lose enough weight that there is 3 -5 inches of extra string available for retying, you can simply cut the strand in one side of the knot (making sure to secure the unknotted end with your finger tips, and remove the excess beads, to even out the beads on the strand and re-tie it. If your beads are on fishing wire, you can follow the same process, with the exception of resetting the closure at the end.