About Us

Design by U is a company inspired by fashion, art, natural elements, and beautiful colors. Being inspired by rich, artistic environments, cultures, and heritages of the world, we introduce our designs by interpreting them in a fresh modern way. Our blends are a symphony of the East and West, old and new, contemporary and traditional and rustic and refined.
    Design by U is Modern Eclectic Style with an Ethnic Twist


    Our designs result in an artful blend of nature and imagination. A complement of natural elements…and a textual medley of accents…. Earth tone colors of nature… and different types of hues are combined with naturally dyed elements for a touch of color.
    Each product presented by Design by U is hand-made, rare, and unique.
    We've evolved over the years. We are now more than a jewelry company. We now have body products, apparel and also hosting our 'SIP & DESIGN' workshop series.